TongDduck (통떡) is a new fusion restaurant in Tongyeong.  While the term ‘fusion’ seems to be one that gets thrown around a lot these days in Korea, I think Tong Dduck has some really delicious offerings on their menu.  My personal favorite is their spicy soondae (Korean blood sausage) topped with mozzarella cheese.  Yes, doubly evil and doubly delicious!  Another excellent dish is their homemade ricotta cheese salad served with flat bread, freshly baked in their wood burning stove, as is their lovely Gorgonzola pizza.  I’m no food expert, but I know what I like.  And I think TongDduck is definitely worth a visit.

I was recently commissioned to make photographs for their menu and promotional materials.  It was a late-night shoot, as we had to wait till after closing time.  But thanks to their awesome chefs and a few double espressos, it went quite well.  Here are some images from the shoot:

Check out TongDduck at 경상남도 통영시 광도면 죽림리 1574-12 (across the street from the Hanaro Mart).

Photographer’s corner:

As you can see from the photos above, this shoot was a combination of food, interior, and detail shots.  Below is the list of gear I used throughout the shoot.

Food and Interiors:
Canon 5D Mark II
Canon EF 24-70 f/2.8L
Samyang 14mm f/2.8
2 Speed lights triggered by Yongnuo YN-602
Various lighting modifiers and reflectors

Detail and exterior:
Fuji X100S
Fuji X-E1
Samyang 12mm f/2.0

Though there were minor tweaks and repositioning throughout the shoot, the lighting setup for all the food and drinks basically looked like this:


As usual, food looks best when lit from behind or the side in order to bring out the textures.  Add just enough fill on the opposite side to kill shadows and you have a winning food/product lighting formula.  The main light was the softbox, which had a speedlight dialed in at 1/8th power.  The umbrella had another speedlight dialed in to 1/16th power as fill light.  For extra fill, I used a large silver reflector camera right for the full spread shots and a smaller white board for the individual food shots.

Other things I kept in mind during the shoot was to finish the photo within a few minutes after the dish or beverage was brought out for best appearance.  A spray bottle was also nearby to keep the food looking fresh after it has been out for a while.  I discuss more in-depth food photography tips here.

And here’s one of the ways they used the photos, among many others:

통영 음식 촬영 통떡 Tongdduck-1

Thank you for checking out this post.  If you enjoyed this post or found it useful, please hit the Like button above or share it with your friends.  Likewise, if you are in the Tongyeong/Geoje area and need a food photographer, please feel free to contact me.  통영 거제 음식, 인테리어, 가게 촬영 필요하시면, 연락해주세요!  감사합니다!

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