Jomari Yllana is an accomplished Filipino actor, race car driver and businessman. He has recently signed on to become the celebrity spokesperson of popular Philippine auto repair chain Rapide and I was tasked to take some portraits for their campaign. As a car enthusiast myself, I knew this would be a cool job. Especially because Jomari was a champion driver for Toyota, which is my tuning car manufacturer of choice. Jom was cool and easy to work with. Our location was the BMW showroom in Alabang, which provided a nice backdrop for our shoot. Between shots, we chatted about old school Toyota cars. All in all, it was a good shoot and it was a pleasure working with Jomari and the team.


Photographer’s Corner: The showroom had huge windows, which provided awesome light for the first few set-ups. I used a Canon 10D and a Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 lens. The portraits inside the car were lit with a single Nikon SB-24 with a silver bounce umbrella, triggered by a Cactus V2 radio trigger. A circular reflector was also used to add a bit of fill.

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Roy Cruz

Roy Cruz

Photographer at Roy Cruz Photo
Roy Cruz is a freelance photographer based in Tongyeong, South Korea specializing in travel and documentary photography. He started shooting professionally in 2007 and has worked all over the Philippines and South Korea. He is also a dedicated husband, bass player, and father.