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My name is Roy Cruz. I am a photographer based in South Korea and the Philippines. I have always loved to create pictures and experiment with different art forms. A Development Communication graduate from the University of the Philippines, I was exposed  to broadcasting, print, and visual media during my formative years. I started shooting professionally in 2007 in Manila, Philippines and have since made South Korea my second home.

I practice various types of photography including travel, portrait, documentary, and product photography for private clients, publications, and corporations. Please check out my portfolio and blog to get a better idea about the work I do.

I also have a dedicated studio page especially for couples and families.

As a photographer, I am a problem solver with ample technical knowledge. More importantly, I have a keen eye to see things in different ways and capture decisive moments as they happen. I’m flexible, easy to work with, and I return the client’s invaluable trust by delivering high quality images in the shortest time possible.

As a photography educator and content creator, I love sharing knowledge and helping my students, readers, and viewers grow in our craft. Check out my education and gear posts to learn more and geek out about photography.

I am also a dedicated husband, bass player, and father. I love cars, street food, and traveling.

But enough about me. Let’s talk about you. If you like the work you see here and feel I might be of service on your next project, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Whether you’re in South Korea, the Philippines, or anywhere in the world, I’d love to hear from you!



Aside from numerous private clients and small businesses, Roy Cruz has also done work for the following:

  • Italian Chamber of Commerce in Korea
  • Australia and New Zealand Association Korea
  • British Chamber of Commerce in Korea
  • Missouri Department of Economic Development
  • New Zealand Chamber of Commerce (Kiwi Chamber) in Korea
  • Dagens Industri
  • Saldo Magazine Switzerland
  • Cedar Hong Kong for Cathay Dragon Silkroad Magazine
  • C3 GmbH for ThyssenKrupp
  • Spoon Agency (Sweden) for Volvo
  • KGAL Engineering U.K.
  • Estima, Inc. Philippines
  • CME Partner, Inc. Philippines
  • Getty Images
  • Maxicare Philippines
  • Gano iTouch Philippines
  • Government of Ilocos Sur
  • Nissan Motors Philippines
  • After Call Magazine Philippines
  • Uno Magazine Philippines
  • A-List Magazine Philippines
  • Roam Magazine Philippines
  • Korea Magazine
  • Seoul Selection Magazine
  • Gwangju News Korea
  • 10 Magazine Korea
  • Groove Magazine Korea
  • “Filipino Tattoos Ancient to Modern” by Lane Wilcken
  • “Tawid: The Living Treasures of Ilocos Sur” by DV Savellano

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